Décrochage de l'exposition à Nancy

Bye bye Nancy ! We took the panels down and put them into boxes, ready for shipment to some other venue. If you are interested, do contact us!

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Our executive director, Chantal Pradines, is a specialist in tree avenues. She drafted the exhibition and will be pleased to guide you through it on Saturday September 14th, 3 p.m. Meet her in the Parc de la Pépinière, close to Place Stanislas, in Nancy.

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Ce samedi 7 septembre, à l'occasion de "Pépinière en vert", nous vous proposons une visite commentée de notre exposition au Parc de la Pépinière à Nancy. Chantal Pradines, qui a conçu l'exposition, apportera des éclairages supplémentaires et vous fera entrer dans l'univers passionnant des allées d'arbres.


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The 14 panels of our exhibition “Tree avenues - From war to peace” are displayed along the upper avenue of "La Pépinière", a former nursery for roadside trees, now a public Park close to the famous World Heritage listed "Place Stanislas" in Nancy.

The exhibition will be visible until November 16th. Texts are both in French and in English.

The panels feature the history of tree avenues from the 15th century to modern times, with a special focus on WWI, where  the French tree-lined roads made an impression on foreign soldiers, inspiring , directly or indirectly, the memorial plantings in the British Empire, in the United States and in Italy.

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