Observatory 2022

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As part of the Artistic Observatory of the ash tree avenue in Trampot (Eastern France), we welcomed the Franco-Tunisian artist Ridha Dhib on March 24th. The day before, he had stopped in Trampot on his long performance 'Ex-tracés', and written a short passage of the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees. 

The avenue is now documented by a photo and a video sequence with an augmented reality compass that points towards Mardin, at the Turkish-Syrian border, 3118 km away, the goal of the "Ex-tracés" performance. This virtual artwork of our Observatory will only exist if it is known and shared by as many people as possible. You can comment the picture and the avenue here.

On June 25th and 26th, artist Constance Fulda returned to continue the rubbings of the ash trees on washi paper. 113 have already been completed, representing roughly half of the final work, and a length of 56.50 m. For six of the rubbings made, they represend the only tangible remains of the trees, since these were felled in 2022..

During her performance, Constance Fulda also exhibited six 8m high rubbings of oaks intended for the reconstruction of the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris. It created an 'emotional shock,' as one participant expressed it. There is no doubt that the effect will be as mighty when Constance Fulda's intervention for the Observatory is completed, as the entire work will be nearly 125 m long!


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 The Observatory can be continued thanks to the support of our donnors, the IRIS foundation in particular

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