Tree avenues


The French term ‘allée’ is used in many parts of Europe when referring to tree-lined ‘ways of passage’ in parks and gardens, in towns or in the country. In the context of landscapes, ‘avenue’ has the same meaning in English. ‘Avenues’ (or ‘tree avenues’) are thus ‘ways of passage’—paths, streets, and roads, but also canals—lined with rows of regularly spaced trees.

Avenues (in this sense) constitute an important cultural, natural, and landscape heritage in France, Europe, and beyond.

To know more about tree avenues, go to the "Quiz" and to the "Tree avenues and road safety" pages.

Our objectives


To foster knowledge about  the cultural, natural, and landscape heritage that avenues represent  Through information and education, to raise the awareness of the general public and professionals about the values of avenues  To showcase the heritage of tree avenues and associated best practice  To promote the economic activities and jobs avenues create  To protect and renew existing avenues, and to develop new ones  To support initiatives and protagonists helping to preserve tree avenues

Who are we?


We are avenue lovers, determined to showcase this valuable heritage and convinced it is an asset for all of us. The board is made up of: Eric Mutschler, chair; Isabelle Kauffmann, secretary; Pierre Courbet, treasurer; Pierre Collin ; Qing Liu ; and Danièle Saget. Chantal Pradines, expert on avenues in France and in Europe, is executive director.


The international symposium "The essential beauty of tree avenues" is over. It ended with the Carcassonne declaration about tree avenues and road safety.

The presentations (slides and videos) are available online here.

They supported us in 2023:

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In 2022, we launched our "Rencontres nationales des acteurs des allées d'arbres", annual national meetings dedicated to private and public avenue owners, avenue managers, professionals and engaged citizens who are keen to preserve tree avenues and who want to share their experience in field visits.

We are convinced that their practice in managing and maximizing the value of tree avenues may inspire many stakeholders. 

In 2022, they took place in the Haute-Garonne County (around Toulouse), in 2023 in Châlons-en-Champagne. In 2024, they will take place in Montgeron, south of Paris.

They talk about us...


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Nos objectifs


Contribuer à la connaissance du patrimoine - culturel, naturel, paysager - des allées Sensibiliser, former et informer le grand public et les professionnels à ses valeurs Valoriser le patrimoine des allées d’arbres et les bonnes pratiques le concernant Promouvoir les activités économiques et l’emploi qui en découlent Protéger les allées existantes, les renouveler, les développer Soutenir les actions et acteurs contribuant à la préservation des allées d’arbres
Par ses actions, ALLÉES - AVENUES / allées d’avenir / souhaite avant tout faire comprendre à tous (politiques, professionnels ou citoyens) la riche nature des allées d’arbres, pour conforter les aficionados ou en susciter de nouveaux et donner à tous les bonnes clés pour assurer durablement le maintien de ce patrimoine.

Qui sommes-nous ?


Des amoureux des allées, déterminés à valoriser ce patrimoine, et convaincus que sa richesse est une chance pour chacun. Le CA se compose de : Eric Mutschler, président ; Isabelle Kauffmann, secrétaire ; Pierre Courbet, trésorier ; Pierre Colin ; Qing Liu ; Danièle Saget. La déléguée générale de l'association est Chantal Pradines, spécialiste des allées en France et en Europe.


For the 5th season of the Artistic Observatory of the ash tree avenue in Trampot, we welcome several artists from different disciplines.

American photographer Wayne Gudmundson will be in residence from May 31st to June 6th in Trampot. His work, exhibited notably at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, explores the marks left by humans, nature and time in the landscape. Concerning trees, his black and white photographs seek to show how they interact with the landscape, creating it.

He will photograph the avenue in Trampot as well as other avenues in the surroundings. His editing and printing work will be done as part of another artistic residency, at the Tusen Takk Foundation, in Michigan (USA).

For the fifth year in a row, visual artist Constance Fulda (France) will continue making rubbings of the ash trees in the avenue. Each rubbing on a special Japanese paper, is unique, like the signature of the trees, made of the imprint due to the bark and former scars. Put together, they will represent a piece of about 125 meters long. Read more about Constance Fulda and her previous work in the avenue under 'Observatory 2020' to 'Observatory 2023'. Constance Fulda will be in residence from June 16th to June 23rd in Trampot. Come and see her perform her rubbings on Sunday, June 23rd from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

On the same day, at 3:30 pm, we will also welcome the French ensemble Angeli Primitivi (José Le Piez and Patricia Chatelain) for a concert of 'Arbrassons'. The Arbrassons are acoustic sculptures created by José. The sound is produced by simply carressing the wooden surface. This acoustic process was discovered and developed by José Le Piez. It has an amazing poetic force and seems to hold magic. Its only equivalent in the world is that of the livika, a sacred instrument used in funeral rites in Papua New Guinea.

José Le Piez will then remain in residence in Trampot to perform his art of sculpture, which he practices in the spirit of martial arts. José has worked in collaboration and exhibited with Ernest Pignon-Ernest or Giuseppe Penone, and his sculptures are exhibited e.g. at the Utopia Museum in Belgium, the Mona Museum in Australia, the Museum of Natural History of Rouen-Normandy, or the City of Sciences in Strasbourg. In Trampot, José will work on timber from ash trees in the avenue that had to be cut down in 2023.