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Registration for the International symposium

"Tree avenues - From War to Peace"

12 & 13 November 2018

Espace de rencontre, in Liffol-le-Grand (France)


Memorial avenues have been planted in the Commonwealth and in Italy during and after World War 1. There memorials, where each tree honored a soldier, have something to do with the tree-lined roads that criss-crossed the European continent at that time. Alexander Douglas Gillespie, a British officer, and Lemire, a French parliamentarian, both wished "one long avenue" to be planted "from the Vosges to the sea". The symposium will explore this history, and it will precisely take place in the Vosges.

How can we continue and write the history of peace with avenues? What are the issues of management and conservation ? How can we take advantage of these ecological corridors which are physical links, but also symbolic links between people? These are the key questions that will be addressed during the symposium, an important milestone for all actors wishing to create cultural and touristic routes around tree avenues. 

The programme is here.

The rates

  1 Day
  2 Days
 "Early bird" rate until 29 October  100 €  180 €
"Early bird" rate for students*        50 €  90 €
Full rate from 30 October  140 €  250 €
Full rate for students*       50 €  90 €

                              * Proof of student status required

Closure of registration: 3 November.

The 2 days rate comprises the summaries, coffee, lunch, concert, dinner and bus transfers. The 1 day rate comprises the summaries, coffee, lunch and bus transfers. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the symposium.

You can pay with your credit card (secured payment through HelloAsso platform) or through a SEPA debit process.

Your registration fee may be reimbursed, less a €30 handling charge, in the event of cancellation due to unusual or extraordinary circumstances (death, serious illness, etc.), on the condition that the request is received before 12 noon on November 5th. Beyond that date, no reimbursement will be made.                           

How to get to Liffol-le-Grand?

The choice of a venue in the Vosges is deliberate, in reference to Gillespie and Lemire. But also because it is important that international events take place in rural areas too.

If you travel by train, you will arrive at Chaumont railway station (from Paris or Basel) or at Neufchâteau railway station (from Luxembourg or Lyons). We have organised a shuttle service that will bring you from the railway station to the venue, from there to you accommodation place and back again. The shuttles will be at fixed times. It is essential that you choose your train connections accordingly.  We have put up a table where you can see the shuttle schedules (and the most convenient train connections for the symposium). You can download the table here.

Where to stay?

In order to choose your accommodation, you can refer to the specific table we have prepared. If you will be relying on a shuttle for transport, be sure to choose accommodation which is on the list of accommodation served by shuttles. You will find this list here. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. To facilitate the organisation of the shuttle service, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us where you will stay. If you will not be relying on a shuttle for transport, please prioritize accommodation which is not served by the shuttles.


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