The exhibition "Tree avenues - From war to peace", comprising 14 panels with both english and french text, comes as a follow-up to the international symposium organized in 2018.

The exhibition spans from Italian Renaissance gardens to present-day promotion and plantings of tree avenues. We move from André Mollet’s “Pleasure Garden” to the famous plane trees along the Canal du Midi, and have a look at the Spanish “alamedas”, Price’s “Essay on the Picturesque” or Napoléon’s decrees, and much more.  WWI and post-war landscapes, the French treelined roads that impressed the soldiers from the British Empire, and the avenues planted to honour them, refer to the  symposium in 2018. The last panels show the difficulties to preserve this asset, even when it is sacred, but also the strong support from society: avenues enhance the landscape and offer precious services for both people and the environment.

The panels were displayed in a public park in Nancy (France) in 2019. The exhibition is now available for rental. It is modular (the panels about WWI can be replaced by a single more concise one) and can be displayed indoors or outdoors. 





(c) C.Pradines

The exhibition was created thanks to the support of our donnors :

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